Stop content overwrites
by your users

Prevent users to access pages simultaneously, overwriting contents and losing hours of work.

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Privacy-focused product to make your job easier

Nop is created by developers for developers: our goals are to create a working product, focused on your privacy (for example, we don't use any 3rd party cookie) and easy to understand.


We do not store any sensitive information about your site or your users.


The SDK is < 6kB, perfect to not slow down your page speed.


Every part of the integration is customisable: apply your custom CSS and colors!


Nop ships with many languages support and you can add your translation too.

Setup & Install in less than 1 minute

Nop is easy to install: create an account, register a website and follow the instructions.
It integrates with Vue, Nuxt and many more coming soon.


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Create a project

Setup a project using your website domain.


Install the SDK

Copy and paste the provided SDK to your website and ... have fun!

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